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    Microblading & Microshading Eyebrows 
Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner and Lips


You are an original. 
Your makeup should be too.

At Just Browsing, I believe that when you decide to enhance your  natural beauty with permanent makeup it is a significant event. You have given it considerable thought and you want someone you can trust.

The golden rule is my philosophy and I do your brows, eyeliner or lips as if I were doing my own.  With over 4 years' experience and hundreds of brow clients, let my experience help you get the brows you fall in love with. I am fully licensed and insured permanent cosmetic tattoo artist and licensed esthetician.


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Microblading creates a very natural eyebrow hairs with a tiny blade dipped in pigment. Powder brows and Ombre' brows are small pigment dots that create a soft penciled look. Lasts approx. 15~18 months         
Brows $400

(Microblading, Powder, Ombre' or Combination)

(Includes a 4-week touchup)
$200 Touchup after 1 to 2 yrs.
After 2 years is full price.

      Permanent Eyeliner
Top & Bottom $350
Top (in and above lash line) $325
Eyelash Enhancement (only in lash line) $275

Full Lip Blush $400

includes 4-week touchup
Lip Liner $275

With hundreds of satisfied customers who have experienced Just Browsing services, your happiness with your new look is my goal.

So, here's what happens:
Before the appointment, you send me pictures of your brows and pictures of styles/shapes of brows that you would like me to create. I give you feedback on shape, color, etc.
The day of the appointment I carefully measure and map the desired brow shape with a pencil.
Then we talk, make changes if necessary, and proceed when ready. 
I use a powerful numbing cream and your discomfort is minimal.
*Healing takes a bit of time, with a little flaking, and settling into the true color in about 10-14 days. I give you the aftercare cream and oil that you will apply daily until your 4 week touchup. Pigment lasts on average 15-18 months before needing a touchup. 

Lips makeup
eyeliner makeup
Facials Featuring
DNA Skincare Institute
Transparent formulations,
non-toxic ingredients,
trusted results.
Always clean,
never damaging professional skincare.
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Medi-Infusion Facial using Nanosphere Pen

High  doses of active ingredients travel deep into the skin by a handheld pen that promotes 60% more product absorption. It's 30 day boost of collagen without inflammation. Pigment-correcting boosters, powerful vitamins A and C. Skin appears brighter, smoother and more radiant

60 minutes $120

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DNA Cryostem Therapy Treatment

This  facial features Cryo-stem cell technology for skin rejuvenation because it builds lasting Collagen production. It provides intense hydration, plumps fine lines and wrinkles, help improve pigmentation, scarring, aging, contols acne prone skin, effective for rosaceaand dry skin. Comliments all surgical, non-surgical, radiation and chemortherapy treatments.  DNA ingredients treat the epidermal layer (10% of skin) while influencing the dermal layer (90% of skin) at the cellular level. These vital ingredients are infused in the skin using a Nanosphere hand held pen, that delivers 60% more serum into the skin than fingertip application.    

60 minutes $120


What is in the Cryostem liquid? 

New,energetically vital cells that are extracted from bovine cows in the French Alps. It's like amniocentesis for humans. No harm is done to the calf or the mother. DNA follows strict European and U.S. testing and safety standards.

How does it work? 

The serum is flash frozen to retain all the constituents of new skin that are required for skin cell renewal and skin rejuvenation. It works as a case of "like matches like", where older skin cells will draw from the new serum cells to repair, heal and rejuvenate itself. 

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cryo after_edited.jpg
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